MI-6 olarak bilinen yeni XP PinPointer, aşağıdaki yenilikçi özelliklere sahip olacak:

– Şarj edilebilir Lityum Polimer batarya
– 20 metreye kadar suya dalabilme
– Deus ile kablosuz Bağlantı:
· Duyarlılık 50 seviyeleri
· Ses modu: Pitch veya Bleep
· Ses Tonu Ayarlamaları.
· Nokta tespiti – Hedef yakınlaştırma grafiği
· Araştırma Modu kayıp MI-6 bulmak için
· Ekran Pil Seviye göstergesi olarak

We are proud to announce some new accessories and software for XP DEUS which will be available on the market in a few months. They will be demonstrated at the XP European Rally in the UK which takes place on 17-18th of September, and also at the Exhibition for Metal Detection which will take place in Paris on the 8_9th of October 2016.
New ! Optional 22.5cm (9inch) search coil operating at high frequencies
New ! Optional ELLIPTICAL search coil operating at high frequencies.
New ! V4.0 software free to download.
New ! Software application Go Detect.

The new XP Pinpointer known as the MI-6, will have the following innovative features:

– Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

– Submersible up to 20 feet

– Connection via radio link to the DEUS with the following advantages (patents pending):

The audio signal from the pin pointer is transmitted directly to the DEUS remote control and headphones.
Anti -Interference system between the MI-6 and the DEUS: The Deus switches to Standby mode when MI-6 is activated and comes back to ON when the MI-6 is switched off.
The Deus display will automatically switch to the MI-6 display when the MI-6 is switched on.
The MI-6 has a very long battery life – Up to 90 hours.
Research mode is accessed from the Deus V4 menu it recovers a lost MI-6.
If you lose your MI-6, you can locate it even if it is switched off….even after several weeks the alarm will sound.
The Deus menu will have a full range of MI-6 adjustments giving the operator full control such as :

· 50 levels of Sensitivity

· Sound mode : Pitch or Bleep

· Audio Tone Adjustments.

· Pinpointing – target zoom graph

· Research Mode to locate a lost MI-6

· On screen Battery Level indication


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